Wednesday Weekly Wrap

Welcome to a weekly wrap of all things sport. Every Wednesday, we will have a look at the big issues kicking around in the world of sport and try to make some sense of them.

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Thumbs Down!
1. Flares have no place in society unless you are on a vessel that is going down in the ocean. So how did one get into Adelaide Oval on the weekend? This column has been critical of Adelaide Oval security and those criticisms have now been justified. If you are going to do something, do it properly. I once again took no bag to the game on Friday night and as such walked straight through the gate without attracting any attention whatsoever. I could have had anything on my body and this is just one example. It is a worry, but surely wanding every single person has to be the bare minimum going forward. Bare minimum.

It was a shame too, because the atmosphere at the Adelaide Oval on Friday night was brilliant. 50,000 people in attendance, a perfect night for footy weather wise, not even too cold for a July evening! The noise was fantastic and was up there with a big final. Well done to all involved.

2. Why oh why is Channel Seven giving more publicity to Bernard Tomic. Tomic virtually confirmed in an interview on Sunday Night that for him tennis is just a job and a way to make ends meet. If that is the case, Tomic needs to be banned from playing tennis. Sport is all about winning and giving your all and if you are not doing that, it goes against the spirit of the game and you have no place in the sport. Well done for your honesty Bernard, but it has to be see you later for mine.

3. There is a very small window in which cricket has in ears to sort out the pay deal or risk losing the hand that feeds them. The sense is that the Australian public are fed up with the noises coming out of both camps. One day you read something, the next it is something else. All of it is childish and beyond belief really. Shut up, get the deal done and get back to playing cricket. Australia now looks like a laughing stock. We have seen what happens to sports around the world when disputes over pay occur. The recovery time can be enormous. Every day it lags is another day the future of cricket in this country is damaged.

Thumbs Up!
1. We thought an Aussie might do good things at the Tour de France this year, but I am not sure too many people thought that it would be Michael Matthews who would bring the success home. Matthews becomes the third Australian to win the green sprinters jersey behind Baden Cooke and Robbie McEwan. It was also a lesson in never giving up. Half way through the race, Matthews appeared no chance of catching then leader Marcel Kittel. Kittel ended up crashing out giving Matthews the lead, but by that point Matthews had made a huge indent in it anyway. Well played Bling!

2. The future of the SANFL was a big talking point on Adelaide radio over the weekend, which is great. The competition needs a healthy debate, but I wonder how many of these people putting their two cents worth actually go to SANFL games throughout the year. The best way to support the game is to physically attend one. An opinion is all good and well, but if it is not an informed one, it is not really worth much.

The Thought

Well Played

The honest truth
Sport is not the place for political statements or raising awareness of political issues. The AFL themed games and rounds continue to spiral out of control. More footy, less causes please.

Wednesday Whinge
Patrick Dangerfield needs to pull his head in and the media need to stop providing him with a forum to do act like a fool. The attention, coverage and discussion he creates week on week is now beyond ridiculous and last week went to a hysterical level. There were a few incidents that Dangerfield did not need to partake in last week, that really by the end of it, left him looking a bit like a goose.

The first was his little performance at a press conference coming dressed as a medical patient after Kane Cornes made the comments that Dangerfield can at times over exaggerate the extent of his injuries. After watching Dangerfield play for Adelaide every week over many years, you have to agree with Kane. There were several times when he would go down like a shot duck and act like he had broken every bone in his body, only to get back up and get on with things. Totally unnecessary.

It makes you question those who called his performance in the Cats win over the Hawks heroic. Sure, he went up forward and kicked five goals, but he played the week after, so the foot injury cannot have been that bad, could it? It was a great game, but one of the best individual performances of all time? Please.

Dangerfield is taking the media along for the ride and they are willingly taking the bait. It is funny that the media now think that he is the best thing since sliced bread, but you barely heard Dangerfield’s name mentioned in Victoria when he played in South Australia. Funny that.

On Friday night in the game against the Cats, Dangerfield went down once more like the world was collapsing underneath him, when Crow Hugh Greenwood walked past and brushed him. He got himself a free and the Cats a goal. Now Greenwood probably should not have gone near him, but at the same time Dangerfield just proved everything Kane Cornes had said earlier in the week to be true. He is very big on the over exaggeration.

Perhaps Dangerfield is trying to win the Brownlow and an Oscar in the same year, I am not sure. What am I sure of though is that ‘flopping’ is not a great look for him or the game. He already has Joel Selwood in that team who plays for free kick by dropping to his knees most weeks. All it does is make the game difficult for the umpires and really is a form of cheating to be perfectly honest.

You can play footy better than most Danger, but if it is the footy you want to be remembered for, scrap the theatrics, stop taking the piss and get on with the playing the game.

Picture – ABC

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