Wednesday Weekly Wrap

Welcome to a weekly wrap of all things sport. Every Wednesday, we will have a look at the big issues kicking around in the world of sport and try to make some sense of them.

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Thumbs Down!
1. Patrick Dangerfield may think he is taking the piss, but the joke is actually on him. Dressing up at a press conference made him looked like an absolute arrogant imbecile. Kane Cornes is right when he says that Dangerfield exaggerated injuries at Adelaide. He went down like a shot duck on numerous occasions and always looked to be in immense pain before picking himself up and getting on with things. Theatrics.

2. West Adelaide fans. They do actually exist! There are more than just the six who were in the cheer squad last week. You can take pot shots on social media all you like, but turn up to a Westies game and support your club. Then come back to me. As for whoever is running the West Adelaide Twitter account, kudos for live tweeting during the game, but you will not see the best social media managers making catty comments on the socials. Grow up.

The game between Adelaide and West Adelaide was shall we say strangely reported by The Advertiser this week.

3. Martin Brundle went down ill before the British Formula One Grand Prix over the weekend and it was just not the same. I tweeted at the time that it was almost an event worthy of cancelling the race! Paul di Resta stood in and did a great job, but we wish Martin all the best.

Thumbs Up!

1. We say it every week but the legacy of Daniel Ricciardo continues to grow. Starting second last on the grid at Sunday’s British Formula One Grand Prix, Ricciardo quickly made some significant gains, but then made a further mistake and dropped once more to near the back of the grid. Not letting that stop him, Ricciardo ended up finishing fifth. With a bit of luck this man will dominate Formula One one day.

2. Roger Federer just keeps doing great things. A 19th Grand Slam under his belt, it is impossible not to love and appreciate the way Federer goes about his tennis. He failed to drop a set at Wimbledon this year at the ripe old age of thirty five. Federer’s success should be celebrated long and hard, because that next generation of tennis players simply do not have the class that Federer has on or off the court at the present time.

The Thought
If the AFL has set the precedent on how office affairs are to be handled, there would be a few nervous people around the country at the moment. What a storm in a tea cup. And how do we feel about the media naming the women involved? Fair game?

Well Played

Exactly! Who cares how a story was created.

The Rumour

Wednesday Whinge
Adelaide Thunderbird recruit Catherine Tuivaiti’s 2018 Super Netball season is over before it has even begun. She will miss the next 12 months or so with an ACL injury. One only hopes this deal was signed before the injury occurred as it is an odd selection otherwise.

The Thunderbirds have replaced a stack of imports with another selection of imports and players who have failed to really make it at other clubs heading into 2018. It comes about with most Aussie talent locked away at other clubs already for next year. 

The recruiting before the initial season may again come back to haunt Adelaide in season 2018. It is hard to see the team being extremely successful until some of that younger Australian elite talent is lured across the border to Adelaide.

Sasha Glasgow, Fiona Themann and Hannah Petty are the future of the club, while Kate Shimmin has being brought back to Adelaide. It is hard to see where the improvement is to come from with the rest though, given they are made up of older recruits or players who have failed to impact elsewhere to this point.

Gia Abernathy must consider herself unlucky not to be on Adelaide’s initial list of ten. She will be named as a training partner in due course you would imagine.

In more positive news for Adelaide though, they have changed their social media profile to say that they now play in the Suncorp Super Netball League as opposed to the ANZ Championship, which is what it said all throughout 2017. Kudos.

2018 Adelaide Thunderbirds List
Kaitlyn Bryce
Leana de Bruin
Sasha Glasgow
Abigail Latu-Meafou
Bongiwe Msomi
Hannah Petty
Chelsea Pitman
Kate Shimmin
Fiona Themann
Cathrine Tuivaiti*

*ruled out for year with ACL injury.

Picture – Fox Sports 

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