Wednesday Weekly Wrap

Welcome to a weekly wrap of all things sport. Every Wednesday, we will have a look at the big issues kicking around in the world of sport and try to make some sense of them.

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Thumbs Down!

1. Why is Adelaide Oval continually failing when it comes to security? It is simply not good enough to be scanning one in every fifty people who come into the gates. In Melbourne at both Etihad Stadium and the MCG, every single person is subjected to a scan with a wand upon arrival at the ground. Surely this is the bare minimum expected in this day and age.

2. The holding the ball rule in the AFL has official gone the way of the dodo. It has completely disappeared from the game. It appears now that you can dispose of the ball in whatever way you see fit, provided it is disposed of. Last time I checked, throwing and dropping the ball were not legitimate ways to move the ball on. Fix it.

3. When you are playing a fixture once every twelve years, you simply cannot have a drawn series. This was the case for the Lions, All Blacks rugby union series which concluded over the weekend. The three match series finished with one win a piece and a draw. Extra time? Something had to be done to find a winner. Twelve years is too long between drinks to have no bragging rights.

Thumbs Up!

1. The Tour Down Under race routes for 2018 have been announced. While no time trial has been included as suggested in this column last week, there is a couple of surprises. Port Adelaide returns to the route for the first time since 1999, while a finish near Norton Summit the day before the Willunga Hill finish will be very challenging for riders. There is a lot of buzz around next year’s edition, given it is the twentieth anniversary of the race. Hopefully some more big name riders come and celebrate the race with South Australia as well.

2. The NBL have decided to introduce a Christmas Eve game between Adelaide and Cairns for the 2017/18 season. And why not? A 3pm tip off is the perfect time for a bit of festive sport on a day where you either are shopping or preparing the turkey. Kudos to the NBL for trying something new. A Christmas Day fixture would be ridiculous, but Christmas Eve is all ticks.

3. Daniel Ricciardo made it five podiums in a row with a third place finish at the Austrian Grand Prix over the weekend. If Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic have every attribute we hate about an athlete, Ricciardo has every feature that we love. He has a never say die attitude, a smile on his face at all times and always looks to be generally enjoying what he is doing, no matter the situation. It is probably no coincidence then that he finds himself with such success.

The Question
When Richmond wear their fluro yellow strip, why do the umpires dress in grey? Grey is not a colour that stands out (insert umpires being heard but not seen joke here) and they look hideous.

Well Played
Mitch McGovern is increasing his value with every game he plays.

Wednesday Whinge
Why do the media continue to give people like Bernard Tomic attention? Let him be a disgrace in private. We do not need to give anymore oxygen to galahs like him. He is more than capable of doing that on his own.

Tomic’s comments after his first round loss at Wimbledon last week were appalling. He deserved to be fined and every bit of ridicule that went his way. Tomic has far too much form in this area now for this to be an outlier.

There were those who tired to argue that his honesty was refreshing and that there should be more of it. Others claimed that the way Tomic was feeling is how most tennis players have felt along the journey. That may be true, but other tennis players have been able to deal with that feeling with professionalism and respect. In the end, there is honesty and then there is simply unprofessional. Tomic fell well and truly into the latter, with his comments doing nothing but harming the sport, the reputation of a major sporting event in Wimbledon and harm to himself. He has been around long enough now to know better.

Just as appalling however were those in the media who tried to get inside the head of Bernard Tomic and attempted to diagnose him with various mental health issues. These people are not doctors and are clearly not trained in that area. They also have no idea of the day to day thoughts of Tomic or any idea of him personally. Their opinions, much like those of Tomic himself would be better kept to themselves.

Also on Wimbledon and Australian tennis players, News Corp did not cover themselves in any glory this week when they stumbled across and published photos of Nick Kyrgios having a night out at a London night spot. Sure, report it once, although it is hardly news. However follow up article after follow up article on this so called event did nothing but re-enfoce where the state of journalism is in 2017. If you were to read every story published on the topic, you would have got virtually the same information three, four or five different times.

The public, the beauty of quality journalism and the actual news writers, who are out there somewhere, deserve so much better than this.

Picture – ABC


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