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Welcome to a new weekly wrap of all things sport. Every Wednesday, we will have a look at the big issues kicking around in the world of sport and try to make some sense of them.

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Thumbs Down!
Sebastian Vettel would have been the school yard bully. The way he rubbed his victory into teammate Kimi Raikkonen’s face after his win at the Monaco Grand Prix was the biggest form of bad sportsmanship ever. After clearly being snubbed by tactics performed by own team, Raikkonen refused to say much for fear of what might come out. If only Vettel had done the same. Nico Rosberg, who was conducting the post race interviews could sense Vettel’s smugness and gave him as little attention as he possibly could. Nobody likes a sore loser Sebastian.

Those bashing the umpire after Port Adelaide’s Charlie Dixon was called play on after taking more than thirty seconds to have his shot for goal are missing the point. The free was there, no questions asked. The real issue is the inconsistent way it is paid. It happens every week, yet we very rarely see it given. The precedent has now been set. Follow it. All fans want is consistency.

North Adelaide supporters have the worst supporters in the SANFL. There is a group of old men who sit by the bar at Prospect and yell out ridiculous abuse at opposition teams week after week. I am all for barracking and clever banter, but this is just vitriol, nasty and wrong. The SANFL does not need people like that coming through the gates. I got told off for taking photos to promote the game a few weeks back, but it is absolutely fine for these geese to set a poor example for the many young children in attendance. There was not one visible reprimand or warning from security to these blokes. Hmm…

Thumbs Up!
Renae Ingles has officially hung up the bib, playing her last professional game for the Adelaide Thunderbirds over the weekend. Renae was a huge part of the Adelaide line up when it was at its peak, as well as being a former skipper of the Diamonds. A pretty decent crowd came to Titanium Security Arena on Sunday to say goodbye, which is a good effort given the state of Adelaide’s year. All the best Renae.

There is no worse a feeling than having to dash to the loo when you are out in public. And by dash, we mean really dash. Tom Dumoulin had this happen to him on a stage of the Giro d’Italia last week. Down went the dacks and well you can picture the rest. The leaders of the peloton including potential contender Nairo Quintana did not stop and slow for him though, which is kind of an unwritten rule in the sport of cycling. Karma is a wonderful thing though, because Dumoulin put in one of the best efforts of his career to finish second in the final individual time trial stage on Sunday. It was enough to knock Quintana out of first position and hand Dumoulin his first ever Grand Tour win. When asked how he was feeling after the race, we can only hope Quintana responded with something along the lines of a second place finish having given him the you know whats.

The Thought
How did those on the Adelaide Oval roof in torrential rain, thunder and lightning enjoy their experience on Saturday Night?

The Question

Wednesday Whinge
It is a sad moment when security gets a mention in a sporting column, but unfortunately this is the reality of the world that we now live in. Adelaide Oval, like many grounds has increased security measures in the wake of the terrible events in Manchester last week.

There was a noticeable increase in police at the game and there was even police outside Titanium Security Arena for the Adelaide Thunderbirds game on Sunday, which I have never seen before.

You can bet your bottom dollar that in five years time, bags will be a thing of the past in stadiums. ANZ Stadium in Sydney has already taken measures towards that, as has the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Adelaide Oval has encouraged patrons to reduce the amount of bags they bring and to arrive early to avoid long lines, but is this enough?

Every person should be scanned when they enter the ground as a non negotiable. That is protocol at both the MCG and Etihad Stadium in Melbourne. I strolled straight through the express bag line and into the ground on Saturday Night. Not one check by security, which after the talk during the week, was somewhat surprising.

Those with bags were briefly searched, but the amount of banned items, albeit harmless ones, I have seen pass through over the journey is a worry. Hopefully the increased checks reduce this, but really if done properly, nothing illegal should be able to pass through those gates.

More thought also needs to be put into moving people through the gates at a faster rate. Large crowds are now a target and it is fair to say that a line of congregating people outside a stadium is not the place to be in this day and age. Double the security, double the lines. Do whatever is necessary to get it right. Whether that means moving fans back from the gate and doing a bag check well before the ticket gates and then doing a wand check closer to the ground is an idea worth thinking about.

The bottom line is if you are going to do security checks, there is no point in doing them any other way, but properly.

Picture – Sky Sports


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