Why the secrecy around injuries from the Crows?

Adelaide’s refusal to acknowledge the whole truth about injuries has reared its ugly head in 2017. Why the secrecy? Is it to ensure other teams do not get an advantage? It is particularly demeaning to paying members to stretch the truth about injury related matters. Things always get out anyway, so why can’t Adelaide be up front about player injuries and to the extent of them?

Example 1 – Josh Jenkins
Yes, from all reports, it may have taken a few scans to diagnose the issue, but once it was clear that Jenkins had cracked ribs, why was this not immediately communicated in simple terms? To this day, Adelaide have never really publicly said Jenkins does indeed have cracked ribs, only going as far to say that he has ‘rib cartilage damage’ or is that the same thing? Don Pyke squirmed his way through an awkward press conference trying to say Jenkins had anything other than cracked ribs. It has left Jenkins in an embarrassing position in more ways than one. There have been those who have criticised him for being soft, not realising the extent of the injury and those in the media who seemed to work out the truth of the injury, before the Club was willing to even acknowledge that there was more to it than first thought. That is just awkward for everyone involved and could have been so easily avoided.

Example 2 – Hamstring Saga
To date, there have been eight hamstring injuries in season 2017. Eight. Surely that leads to an enquiry. In fact, the Club would be doing itself a disservice if there was not one. So why after the game on Saturday on the Gold Coast, did Don Pyke trot out the line of “It’s something we’ll look at, but that’s footy and that’s what happens.” That may be the case, but it most certainly needs to be looked at and fans provided an honest answer one way or the other. The lack of concern publicly is a worry. Fans do not want robotic, rehearsed answers, they want to Club to acknowledge that perhaps something is wrong.

The line should have been more like – Of course it is a damn issue. Eight hamstrings in the opening half of the season is a major problem and we will be doing all we can to get to the bottom of it. We will provide everyone with an explanation in coming days or weeks. End of story.

Example 3 – Jake Lever
The media pick Lever up clearly pointing out an issue with his hamstring to Coach Don Pyke the day before the game against Essendon. When asked about whether there was an issue, Pyke said nothing to see here. Three days later on radio, Lever comes out and says he had pulled up tight in the hamstring and had to do a fitness test of sorts to ensure he was good to go, but it was nothing too major. So yes – Lever played, but would have it hurt to be completely honest on the Friday at the presser about the doubt and to give that same explanation Lever rolled out three days later then and there to end the speculation?

I guess this is why Adelaide block the media and others from attending most of their training sessions.

Example 4 – Tom Doedee
Last Tuesdays’s injury list had no mention of Tom aggravating his shoulder during the SANFL game on Easter Sunday. But what do you know, Doedee is left out of the SANFL team the following week, with an aggravated shoulder. Sigh. Why was this not reported earlier in the week? The worst that can happen is that Doedee pulls up fine and plays and can be taken off the injury list. Injured on the weekend, onto the injury list you go. Prove your fitness during the week, off the injury list you go. Simple solution for mine.

Example 5 – Pre-Season Injury List
During the pre-season there was a genuine lack of information provided to fans about the injuries at the time. Brad Crouch, Paul Seedsman, Scott Thompson. It was all a bit of a mystery. It should not be a guessing game for fans. Other clubs managed to be able to do regular updates during this time, why not Adelaide?

I do not blame Don Pyke. I imagine the well rehearsed lines he wheels out are coming from people higher at the Club than him. It needs to change though, because it is making a mockery of things. If someone is injured, they are injured. There is no point sugar-coating it or trying to deceive people by bending the truth. It just does not end well.

Finally, why are we now getting injury updates on a Tuesday? These have been on a Monday in past years, why the sudden shift to Tuesdays?

Let’s just all be a tiny bit more honest yeah?

Picture – The Advertiser


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