Summer Scoop

This week – AFLW begins, a close one in the Sheffield Shield and finally some positive news for the future of all three forms of cricket.

Quote of the week –

 “He should not be allowed to do my games because of the rant he made against me six years ago, calling me a ‘black mother-f…..’ when I was coaching Gold Coast,”

Adelaide 36ers coach Joey Wright following his ejection from the game between Adelaide and New Zealand. How does a ref who racially vilifies a coach even get another gig as a referee, let alone in games featuring the man he abused?

Tweet of the week –

The success of the opening weekend of AFLW has surprised some, but I am not entirely sure why. It was always going to create an intrigue factor first up. The key now is for the competition to sustain that momentum. I would even go as far to say that the AFL deliberately put games at smaller grounds to ensure they would be full and to then be able to feed off of the story that situation created. Very clever indeed.

Crowds – AFLW

Carlton v Collingwood – Ikon Park 24,568

Adelaide v GWS – Thebarton Oval 9,250

Western Bulldogs v Fremantle – Whitten Oval 10,100

Brisbane v Melbourne – Casey Fields, 6,000

The hero
The Redbacks batsmen do not deserve to be in this section, but Chadd Sayers and Kane Richardson do for sure. Sayers again sent the Australian cricket selectors a message with his figures of 9/132 for the match while Kane Richardson returned from injury to take 9/124. However given the Redbacks did not manage to get the points, the hero this week must go to WA bowler Simon Mackin who took 12/163. Once again though, all batsmen found things hard going against the Dukes ball. A bit of work to do, before the Ashes Series back in England in 2019.

The villain
The NBL must do something about the standard of refereeing. Nobody likes to criticise an official, but this season has been such a good a season of basketball, that it is a shame that the refereeing has not been there to match. Consistency, control of the game, explanation of decisions has all been out of whack. NBL – fix it. It is getting embarrassing.

You can read my full thoughts on this subject later in the week, in the Wednesday Whinge.

The prediction
I love how the Melbourne media think that the AFLW Grand Final will be played at the MCG. It cannot and should not be played there. It needs to be played in the State of the top finishing team and should be played at the following venues depending on who that team is –

Adelaide – Adelaide Oval

Brisbane – The Gabba

Perth – Domain Stadium

Melbourne – Etihad Stadium (as double header before St Kilda v Melbourne which would need to be pushed back in time)

Sydney – Spotless Stadium

The MCG is too big and you would lose a huge amount of atmosphere having the game there. Every other ground is a better size to enable everyone who wanted to attend to attend, without compromising on the feel of the game.

The Scoop
Is this the moment that cricket has been waiting for? It appears that a massive overhaul of the game is on its way in terms of scheduling after 2019. Key ICC members met in the last couple of days and came up with the following proposals:

  • Nine-team Test league run over a two year cycle.
  • Remaining three Test teams to be guaranteed a consistent and confirmed schedule of Test matches against all other teams.
  • 13 team ODI league run over a three year period leading into qualification for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.
  • Regional T20 competition structure to be developed as a pathway to qualification for the ICC World T20.

Source – ICC

This has been a long time coming and does a few key things. It puts a huge emphasis on World Cup qualification and has more teams from around the world involved at a Test level. This is brilliant and must be implemented as soon as practicably possible. This is most likely to occur after 2019 when the current ICC Future Tours Program finishes up.

More details are to be released later in 2017. You can read the full outline of what changes are on the horizon from the ICC here:

Crow Call Summer
As discussed in last week’s edition of the Summer Scoop, ISC have taken over as the apparel supplier for the Adelaide Football Club for the next five years. Lots have criticised this as being a dodgy supplier, but for mine they are as good as any. The BLK outfits were an awkward cut, so anything that improves on that is a good thing in my books. We will see a new full range of apparel in stores shortly.

Adelaide’s AFLW team kicked off the season in style with a massive 36 point win over GWS on Saturday afternoon. In muggy conditions, the opening goal from Kellie Gibson is as good a 50m goal as you will see anywhere. Erin Phillips lived up to the hype, albeit a little nervously and Ebony Marinoff finished with a game high 20 touches. This Crows side seems to have a fair bit of talent in it, which has the makings for a good season. Adelaide to their credit have used social media and the media in general well to promote the side and to ensure fans know who every player is and their relevant background. Kudos.

Adelaide next take on the Western Bulldogs on Friday night.

Turn It Up
To the bloke who thought that streaming the Mundine, Green fight over Facebook was clever and to all of those who labelled him a hero, grow up! That sort of stuff is wrong on every level. There were thousands of people who paid the $59.95 in order to watch the fight, because that was the right thing to do. That sort of stuff just punishes everyone in the long run and should in no way be promoted. I hope Foxtel sue the pants of him and everyone who has anything to do with the illegal activity.

Extra scoop 
There were a couple of articles written this week about Crows forward Mitch McGovern and the fact that he comes out of contract at the end of the year. Last year it was Josh Jenkins, the year before it was Patrick Dangerfield. Do we really need a running commentary on this? Unless there is some massive scoop on the issue, an article does not need to be written. With AFLW, the ongoing Collective Bargaining mess and previews of the upcoming season to write about, we do not need the contract rubbish.

Plus a particular Adelaide radio presenter claiming Patrick Cripps was heading home to WA at the end of the season smells of nothing more than a way to drum up publicity for his new radio show. I guess they do call it the silly season.

And by popular demand…

Really? Where else in the world would they shut a train line in order to accomodate a sporting event that might actually help people get to that event? Last time I checked they were not playing golf on the train line! Ridiculous.

Picture -Herald Sun


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