Summer Scoop

This week – There is a serious refereeing issue in the NBL, the Adelaide Crows Women’s team had their first hit out for 2017, as women’s sport continues to create a debate amongst the sporting world. Plus, what was the BBL thinking by suspending Brendon McCullum?

Quote of the week –

“Embarrassing for the league”

Adelaide Strikers captain Brad Hodge had his say on the ridiculous situation where Brisbane Heat captain Brendon McCullum was suspended for a game for his side’s second offence of a slow over rate. This is hit and giggle cricket after all. Is an extra six minutes really going to make that much difference? Test cricket is a different matter, but in Twenty20, surely just increasing the fine is the way to go.

Tweet of the week –

Channel Nine’s Amber Sherlock did not cover herself in glory this week after her outfit rant that somehow got leaked, went viral. There are plenty of great parodies of the event out there though including Fox Sports Daniel Garb’s above.

The hero
Tottenham star Harry Kane scored a hat-trick is his side’s 4-0 walloping of West Bromwich Albion over the weekend. At just 23 years of age, it is a scary thought as to just how much football this man still has left in him. It was a big week for Kane who also welcomed his first child into the world. It appears the only person who can stop him from scoring is his own teammate Dele Alli.

Leading Premier League goal scorers – Tottenham 2016/17

Harry Kane – 13

Dele Alli – 10

As the top five or six try to narrow the gap on Chelsea, we could be in for an exciting finish to the Premier League season.

The villain
Fast 4 Tennis is the new Twenty20 cricket and if not careful it will send the world of tennis into a complete downfall. That might sound like an overreaction, but it is not. There is no place for ‘hit and giggle’ tennis. No place at all. Please leave the game as it is. Can nobody just enjoy the pureness of sport anymore. Are we all so busy that we cannot afford the time to sit down and watch a whole game of tennis without being bored? Please.

The prediction
The Melbourne Renegades made a score of 222 batting first, which was a BBL record on Thursday night. The Hobart Hurricanes then chased it down! The scores in Big Bash games are on the rise and there is a simple reason as to why they will continue to go up. The boundaries are ridiculously brought in to ensure more fours and sixes. You should not have to manufacture entertainment within sport like that. I imagine in order to create more ‘entertainment’, that there will be no restriction on how far the ropes will be brought in going forward either. It appears good bowling does not get the same value for money. Sad times.

The Scoop
Priceline have released their latest round of advertisements promoting women’s sport in a year where women’s sport will dominate the headlines. The campaign is a good one as you can see below. This column discussed earlier how the promotion of the new women’s competitions is vital to their success. Priceline are leading the way.

Not to be outdone, Suncorp Super Netball released their own videos during the week with a player from each team featured in a series of short clips. These sum up the brutality of the sport of netball nicely and again will go a long way in helping to promote the new competition.

I have been critical of both the Suncorp Super Netball competition and AFL Women’s League and their initial set up, but purely because I want them to have the best chance of succeeding. The debate about women in sport should never ever be about gender. Sport should be able to be played by anyone regardless of gender. It just makes sense.

However as these new campaigns begin to take off, there is a bit of a theme coming through by some in the media, lead by none other than Graham Cornes who wrote in Saturday’s The Advertiser

“There is a question however, that mainstream media tiptoes around but our discussion groups don’t: are male sports being disadvantaged by the unprecedented focus on and resources allocated to women’s sports… and our discussion groups would ask the question: do we have a SA Men in Sport Taskforce?”

Really? Graham you are so much better than that and clearly not a fan of sport at all if that is your opinion. What fact is this opinion even based on? Grow up.

Crow Call Summer
The Adelaide Crows are back into the swing of things for 2017. Before you know it, the JLT Community Series will be upon us and season 2017 will be well and truly underway. The Crows Women’s side played a trial game against Fremantle in Darwin on the weekend and went down. Chelsea Randall and Erin Phillips will be co-captains for the 2017 season.

Turn It Up
There is an issue with the referring in the NBL. Having two full time refs was a good start, but it does not seem to be making a large difference. There is absolutely no consistency even within games this season. It is such a shame, given it has been such a great season otherwise. Maybe more full time referees are required, but there needs to be some review at the end of the year to try to minimise the errors and give fans and players some clarity. One man’s flop cannot be another man’s charge.

Extra scoop 

FIFA have increased the teams in the next World Cup, in what is likely to be a cash bonanza, but is also happens to be good for the game.

Meanwhile in the cricket world, just this week Bangladesh scored more than 500 runs in a Test match with Shakib Al Hasan making a double century. They are a team on the rise, but there is a chance that they will not be a part of the next World Cup, because the ICC has reduced the amount of teams playing. Pakistan’s recent poor form also puts them at risk of missing out. A World Cup without Pakistan is ludicrous. Cricket should be doing all they can to expand the game by having minnow nations learn their craft against more established teams. How good was it to see Afghanistan and Ireland at the 2015 edition of the event? Enough said really.

And by popular demand…
Kudos to Mickey Arthur who this week who suggested that Twenty20 cricket should be scrapped from the international scene and kept to just the franchise format. I wrote my own thoughts on the issue a couple of weeks ago and agree with Arthur’s every word. Not a popular opinion though it seems.

Picture – Sky Sports 

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