Summer Scoop – Week 12

Summer has officially arrived, yet the AFL still seems to be dominating the headlines. Glenn Maxwell did his Test recall chances a disservice, Nico Rosberg hung up whatever it is you hang up when you retire from Formula One and some beef at the Adelaide 36ers.

Quote of the Week –

“I think probably batting below the wicketkeeper is also a bit painful as well. I think the wicketkeeper should be batting at seven unless you’re trying to squeeze an extra bowler into your line-up.”

By all means Glenn Maxwell you can think this about Matthew Wade, but to announce it at a media conference is part of the reason that you are unlikely to ever play Test cricket again. Time and place Glenn. Time and place.

Tweet of the week –

I am sure teammates getting a little physical with each other happens all the time in top level sport, as it did at Adelaide 36ers training this week. This is hardly news, although the way it was reported on Wednesday indicated it was the end of the world in Adelaide.

The hero
Kudos to the A-League for holding a minute of silence before the FFA Cup Final and all A-League games across the weekend. A great sign of respect for the seventy-one lives lost in the Columbian plane crash.

The villain
I am all for progress in this great city of ours, but reducing access to the footbridge during the winter months where it is used every weekend for access to the Adelaide Oval is farcical. Surely this could have been timed or planned better. Surely. Will be a major inconvenience in 2017.

The prediction
Port Adelaide are all talk about their need to focus on the on-field stuff this year. Taking several of their best players, as well as key coaches to China for a week during pre-season is a interesting way to go about it. Expect Port fans to go right off the China idea this year if on-field results do not follow.

And on Port Adelaide, what right did the media and in particular The Advertiser and Channel Seven have to name and shame Jarman Impey over the hit-run at the weekend? If it was any other member of the public, the Police would be the people doing the naming. Poor form.

Crow Call Summer
Don Pyke spoke impressively on FiveAA this week. He sounds confident in season 2017 and from all reports everyone on the track has returned in fine form. The media are going to rabble on about ‘organic growth’ forever aren’t they? It really must be the silly season.

Pyke also touched on the fact that he believes Jordan Gallucci and Myles Poholke could push for selection as early as next year, Matthew Signorello is recovering from a shoulder injury and that he thinks minimal changes will be good for Adelaide after massive movement at the Club over the last couple of years.

Sam Shaw was given a spot on the rookie list in order to receive the best possible result for a payout in terms of his concussion injury. There are huge changes around concussion, how it is treated and payout procedures looming. I would think that this will not be the last time something like this happens. It also helps Adelaide’s salary cap situation too.

The Scoop
The people I speak to up on the Gold Coast have had enough of Gary Ablett. They think the club is better off without him moving forward. It is a valid point and perhaps the Suns need to work out who they are without Ablett at the helm. His decision to give up the captaincy is the first stage of the Suns finding their own brand and forging ahead without him.

Turn it up
What is it with seagulls at sporting venues in Melbourne? Wednesday’s FFA Cup Final gave us this –

Ir reminded me of a Big Bash League game at the MCG a couple of years ago –

Clearly all the measures that have been put in place to keep these birds away are working then?

Extra scoop
A big get for Fox Sports signing Channel Nine personality Yvonne Sampson during the week to front their new 24/7 Rugby League channel. Channel Nine are in for more hits next year with the free to air channel no longer the go to place for League action. That can only be a good thing. Watch this space.

And bound to happen…
Nico Rosberg drives out of the Formula One world after winning the World Championship. If there is something you can take to the bank, it is that Rosberg will be back in a couple of years time and whoever partners Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes in 2017 is in for a ride like no other.

Picture – SBS


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