Wednesday Whinge – When did we become a nation of booers?

Faf du Plessis comes out to bat. Boo!

Faf du Plessis makes fifty. Boo!

Faf du Plessis makes his century. Boo!

Matthew Renshaw comes out in his first Test and shows more grit than almost any other Australian player in the last couple of years and certainly this series. Boo!

The Adelaide Oval is a special place. It is one of the best places in the world to play and watch cricket. There have been some pretty special centuries made at the ground over the years by some pretty special batsmen. On Friday, Faf du Plessis added his name to that list. Found guilty of ball tampering during the week, fined and reprimanded with the saga brought to an end. Yes, there were rumours that he was to appeal, but that was to be put aside for a few days at least. What he did was wrong, but he copped his punishment and perhaps all that was required was a cheeky boo upon walking out to bat. Nothing more, nothing less.

However, a boo as he made his half century and then his century was wrong. In fact it was beyond wrong, it was an absolute disgrace. Why? What was the point of of the boo? Was it because he is a cheat? The ICC had dealt with that and the boo upon entry was surely enough to get that point across. Or was it because he had completely out-captained and out-played the Australians in the first two Test matches? It did look a bit like sour grapes.

In cricket, booing is something that should be reserved for a poor umpiring decision, going off for bad light when clearly there is light or Aleem Dar taking too long with a DRS decision.

The lesson had not been learnt by late Sunday afternoon either. Opening the batting with 127 to win in, his debut match, Matthew Renshaw came out to bat for the Aussies and did so in a very cautious manner. In fact, he showed more stamina and a desire to survive until the end, that most of the dropped Australian squad should have been taking notes. Yes, it was not the most attractive batting in the world, and he was a little lucky a couple of times, but this is Test Match cricket after all. Renshaw survived right through until the end and as such to drop him for the First Test against Pakistan in Brisbane would be a poor decision. Not as poor though as the crowd’s behaviour towards to twenty year old as they booed and jeered the young man for not smashing every ball for four. These are the first people who would call for the head of David Warner when he gets out trying to play aggressively early in the innings. Uneducated is a good way to sum them up.

Cricket is meant to be the gentleman’s game. There was no respect shown to Faf du Plessis nor Matthew Renshaw over the weekend. Leave the booing for dog acts and grow up and appreciate Test cricket at its finest. The game and us as fans are far bigger and better than that.

Boo to booing!

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