Summer Scoop – Week 10

Cricket is in crisis in Australia apparently. This week we look at the lighter side of that, Tottenham produce an all time classic win, the Adelaide Crows are back on the track and believe it or not, the 2018 Commonwealth Games are on the horizon.

Quote of the Week –

“To a lot of people it is sounding more like sour sweets”

– South African batsman Hashim Amla

Not sure if Hashim Amla deliberately meant this when talking about Faf du Plessis and ‘lolly gate.’ Pardon the pun indeed.

Tweet of the week –

In breaking news the dog seen here will open the batting for Australia come the Third Test. This running between the wickets is elite and will be a valuable asset come Thursday afternoon.

The hero
I’m calling it one of the best come from behind wins I have ever seen Tottenham produce. 2-1 down at about the 88th minute, Spurs eventually won 3-2 courtesy of two goals in a couple of minutes to Harry Kane. Tottenham are still yet to lose this season and if Kane can return to some form, the possibilities are endless. Harry Winks made his first initial Premier League start in the game against West Ham as well and looks to be a find after scoring an early equalising goal.

The villain
BLK, the clothing supplier to six AFL clubs including Adelaide is no more, having gone into administration last week. What now for apparel and sponsorships for these six clubs? To say it is not ideal is a massive understatement and how the company could possibly have signed a new deal with St Kilda not two weeks ago is a disgrace.

The prediction
Adelaide’s Pink Ball Test will be four days at the most. Cricket is struggling around the world to go for even three days and given the corresponding Test Match length last year in Adelaide, do not expect a long one. The weather forecast looks ideal.

Crow Call Summer
There has been a lot of negative feedback from the industry and fans about Adelaide passing up on nominating Ben Jarman as a father-son prospect. While it would be great to secure the first father son pick to the club, it can only be done if he is the best player available. Clearly Adelaide think there are better options and that they will explore them before landing Jarman. At the end of the day, footy is about winning and romance cannot come into the equation. Good call from Adelaide.

The first to four year players return to the track this week and the AFL Draft takes place in Sydney on Friday. Cricket? What cricket? 125 days until round one.

The Scoop
Usain Bolt has given the strongest hint yet that retirement might be on the cards in the very near future. Speaking to Sky, Bolt has said that next year will most likely be his last and that he wants to bow out of the sport before he makes a fool of himself. This would be a potential huge blow for organisers of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games who would have been hoping Bolt would make it to the Games and bring with him all the marketable talent he possesses.

Speaking of the Commonwealth Games, this week the Queen’s Batton design was revealed and it is good to see that ticket prices will be very reasonable particularly for children. The future of the Games is going to be reliant on today’s youth attending and taking an interest. 499 days to go.

Turn it up

Do we sill need drinks breaks in games of cricket? In the game between Pakistan and New Zealand in Christchurch over the weekend, one particular break went for five and a half minutes. In an era where Test cricket needs to do all it can to maintain interest, this is not going to help.

Extra scoop
Where is the Pre-Season draw? Or more accurately where is that sponsor needed before the draw is released? The AFL might have to bite the bullet and release the fixture without a sponsor attached for the time being.

And by popular demand…
Adelaide United’s season is all but done after another loss over the weekend to Perth. A red card and a coach sent off did not help matters. Guillermo Amor getting sent to the stands is an absolute joke. The inconsistency of A-League refereeing this year has reached, well as they like to say in the industry, crisis point.

Picture – Sydney Morning Herald


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