Summer Scoop – Week 9

A almighty collapse from the Aussie Cricket Team, The Wallabies finally doing some good, a big week for the Crows and how does the South Australian nuclear waste debate get a mention? All in this week’s Summer Scoop.

Quote of the Week –
“At the end of the day it’s not good enough from an Australian team”

– Australian Cricket Coach Darren Lehmann

No it is not. Something has to change. As a country we do not accept performances like the one we saw on day one of the Second Test in Hobart.

Tweet of the week –

Unfortunately it has not done much good.

The hero
Hang on, did the Wallabies just win two tests in a row away from home? A 23-22 win over Scotland AND a 32-8 win over Wales. Yes, it was not against the most fantastic opposition, but after the last decade or so, let’s just quietly celebrate the fact that the Wallabies are being talked about in a positive sense. For the moment anyway.

The villain
Aleem Dar. Seriously, how does this man get a gig? Some of his calls are down right shocking. It seems Dar has had an issue for quite some time as you’ll see below from my series of tweets. Check the date stamps!

As several commentators said during the week –

The prediction
A leak has revealed Port Adelaide will play in Melbourne and Mount Gambier during the 2017 Pre-Season Tournament, while no word on the Crows fixture as yet. Will we see the return of the Summer Showdown or will both South Australian clubs be sent around the country on a made goose hunt again?

Crow Call Summer
Michael Barlow is headed to the Gold Coast and not Adelaide. What is going on down there at West Lakes? They cannot seem to secure anyone! Let’s hope that organic growth is going to have a growth spurt in 2017.

Brett Burton has been installed as Footy Manager replacing David Noble. Was this more of only man available than best man for the job? Why you would pull Burton out of the high performance role is beyond me.

Sam Shaw has hung up the boots after failing to be able to recover fully from concussion related injures. That is a terrible way to go and I wish him all the best for the future.

The Scoop
Channel 7 have committed to the SANFL for a further two years with the option to extend it for a further four years after that if they see fit. This is good exposure for the SANFL, but will further deplete the crowd numbers attending games. There has been no indication that the SANFL will pick up on any of these points of improvement for 2017 as yet. I’m still waiting for a reply to help run a SANFL club’s social media account and get them the blue verified tick on Twitter. I am still available if you’re reading this!

Turn it up
Those labelling Jobe Watson as classy are missing the point after he handed back his Brownlow Medal. Him and thirty three other players, as well as coaches and officials were suspended for their part in an inappropriate supplements regime that aimed to give them an unfair advantage. Despite their pleas of innocence and all the associated stories we have heard, they were given time and a ruling in Switzerland failed to clear them of any involvement. Handing the medal back was not classy, it was required. At least we can put this saga to bed now once and for all.

Extra scoop
The Adelaide 36ers have been handed some unusual 5pm time slots in the 2016/17 season. The first of these occurred over the weekend and was followed by a game between the Adelaide Lightning and Perth Lynx. It was promoted a a double header, but those fans who wanted to stick around for both games would have been mighty disappointed when most food and drink venues closed after the conclusion of the 36ers game. Unfortunately that pretty much sums up where the WNBL is at in this country at the present time.

And by popular demand…
Now that the nuclear dump idea is pretty much dead in the water, it is time the State Government put all its efforts into a bid for the Commonwealth Games in order to create jobs, infrastructure and stimulate a very poor South Australian economy. You can read my thoughts in full on the issue here.

Picture – ABC

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