Summer Scoop – Week 7

Another week of sport in the can. Let’s have a look at the key moments.

Quote of the week 

“I talked to Jackson again this morning, I said to him the thing that probably cost him his place was his batting. We’ve got to get runs at the bottom of the order as well, particularly against a very good attack.”

– Rod Marsh. His retirement from selection duties cannot come fast enough.

Tweet of the week

The latest edition? Fast5 Netball which is an embarrassment to netball. Enough already.

The hero 

Bangladesh. A first ever test win over England. It does not get much better than that for world cricket.

The villain

How can WADA have botched up the drug testing program at the recent Rio Olympics. The lead up to the Games was tarnished by Russia’s doping regime and common sense would tell you that a million tests should have been done throughout the event. From reports, a lack of testing was undertaken, athletes could not be found and in at least one sport no out of competition testing was done at all. Sigh. Surely this is not that hard to get right.

The prediction
Port Adelaide’s stronghold on AFL in the Northern Territory is done. Adelaide will play for points in Darwin next year and their combined bid for a Women’s team with AFLNT has been successful. Expect a big marketing campaign in the Territory in 2017 and beyond from Adelaide.

Crow Call Summer 

A pretty decent draw for the Crows awaits when the 2017 season kicks off. No games in New South Wales again, which is surprising given Adelaide could do with some game time at the SCG in particular. The fixture sees the Crows head to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Geelong over 22 weeks. As to how hard it is, if 2016 taught us anything it is that predictions are a waste of time. Bring it on.

Tuesday will be the day where we will find out whether Michael Barlow makes his way to West Lakes. If he is coming in for free and not costing a lot in wages, I do not see why you would not chuck him on the list given midfield depth is an issue.

Attention now turns to the AFL Draft later in November. Pick 13 has to be a midfielder. I repeat. It has to be a midfielder.

The Scoop 

Big departures from the Eagles in the SANFL with Luke Jarrad (retired), Phil Raymond (retired), Andrew Ainger (retired), Jarrad Redden (retired), Jake Von Bertouch (overseas), Giles Ellis (Kadina), Nick O’Brien (returned to Melbourne) and Matt Appleton all not offering their services in 2017. Could be a very different Eagles line up after two losing Grand Finals.

Turn it up

Why do people turn off the soccer? This is why. This must be stamped out. Pathetic indeed.

Extra scoop 

The Sheffield Shield will be permanently moved to Gliderol Stadium at Glenelg in the near future. Once we are prioritising a boxing match in front of playing a game cricket at the Adelaide Oval, the ship has officially sailed.

And… By popular demand –
We all love Daniel Ricciardo but enough with the shoey’s! Time for something different.

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Picture – ABC


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