Summer Scoop – Week 6

Big week on and off the field for sport and in particular South Australian sport this week. And a lot of it just simply does not make sense…

Quote of the week 

“We obviously value Bryce more highly than Adelaide do”

– Carlton football boss Andrew McKay in the war of words between Adelaide and Carlton in the Bryce Gibbs stand off. Let’s see how it pans out now for both clubs. Not sure the war of words helps anyone.

Tweet of the week

All the best Jarryd.

The hero 

Nathan Sobey. The Adelaide 36ers may be without captain Mitch Creek, but Nathan Sobey’s start to the season is doing great things in filling the void. He is a big reason why Adelaide are 3-2 after the opening three rounds of the season. It would be remiss of me not to mention the efforts too of Jerome Randle who is doing things for Adelaide basketball like no one before him.

The villain

I am a Tottenham supporter, but how Moussa Sissoko was not given a red card is beyond a joke in the game between Spurs and Bournemouth on the weekend.

The prediction

Build it and they’ll come. Surely the time has come for a new soccer stadium right in the heart of the city given the increased interest in the Reds.

Crow Call Summer 

The Bryce Gibbs saga was no good for Adelaide. The line organic growth is confusing and chances of a 2017 flag have been greatly diminished. You can read my thoughts at the link below.

Organic growth is not the only thing that currently does not make sense at West Lakes

Adelaide will open their season against the 2017 Premiership favourites the Giants at 12.40pm on Sunday March 26 at Adelaide Oval. Another tough start to the year for the Crows, but the game is at home which will make a difference. Given their 2016 ladder placing, expect another reasonably hard draw for Adelaide. The full fixture will be released this week.

The Scoop 

Why are we rewarding Essendon for a suspended year off by listening to their request of a blockbuster round one game? They’ve got it with a Saturday night fixture against the Hawks. Expect the Dons to be given some more preferential treatment in 2017 as they are nursed back into the competition.

Turn it up

The evacuation saga at Titanium Security Arena last Friday night was handled terribly. Fans were told nothing apart from to remove themselves from the building. Security members looked confused and a few were unsure where to meet. Twitter went into meltdown with reports of a bomb threat, which is not something you want to be finding out via social media waiting outside the ground. Upon re-entry bags were hastily checked as disgruntled patrons pushed and shoved their way back inside. No tickets could be re-scanned so a high number would not have had a ticket scanned at all. Bag checking is not a regular occurrence at this venue, but you wonder whether these events will create a change of policy. If this was a bomb threat, why was there a lack of police, fire and paramedics on the scene?

Something does not add up in this story.

Extra scoop 

Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory Fans. More disgraceful crowd behaviour on Saturday night at Hindmarsh Stadium. Upon the conclusion to what was a pretty decent game of A-League action, a barrier was broken separating the rival supporters. Tensions had been building all night with several ejections occurring on both sides of the barrier prior to this point. What followed next was like a scene from Fight Club with Police forced to take heavy action in order to remove several absolute gum nuts from the ground. All Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory supporters need to learn to sit down, shut up and support appropriately. This violence is ridiculous. It is clear that this is the sole reason why some of these people are going and that is a sad reflection on the sport. You wonder why soccer fans are given a bad name. Grow up.

And… By popular demand –

“We had a crack and went down swinging, Jamie (coach Jamie Siddons) was adamant that we had to go for the bonus point win and that there was no point in just winning the game to finish fourth.’’

– Alex Carey South Australia Redbacks Wicketkeeper.

Turns out almost everyone in the cricket world got this one wrong and the Redbacks only needed a win to advance. Oops.

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