Kyrgios must be banned for the good of the game and himself

Nick Kyrgios should be kicked out of tennis for a year. This will give the lad time to work out whether he really wants to play the game and sort out whatever the issues are that are going on in his life. At the moment Nick Kyrgios is an embarrassment to himself and his country. Something has to change.

There has been incident after incident over the last couple of years and there is absolutely no sign of this behaviour and attitude coming to an end. So far though, tennis authorities have not come down hard enough on the kid with his latest outburst at the Shanghai Masters costing him a mere 22k fine. That is pocket money in the tennis world and clearly not that big a deterrent.

The sporting world is sick of hearing about the bloke and it is detracting big time from the action on the court. Every post match interview, no matter the player is being asked to offer an opinion on Kyrgios. That is not healthy for the sport and this situation has to be removed from the game.

The sad thing is that Kyrgios can play tennis. At his best, he is great to watch and could potentially be the best tennis player Australia has ever produced, but this success will never happen if the attitude he possesses now continues.

Tennis Australia need to be apportioned some of the blame for this too though. It is no coincidence that Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic are absolute clowns in the way they handle themselves and the rubbish that comes out of their mouths. Who is guiding them? What advice and training are they being given that is causing them to be like this? Tennis Australia need to take more of a role before it gets to the point it is now. Kyrgios needs a decent coach, a mentor and someone to pull him into line. The spoilt brat behaviour has gone too far and is changing the face of the sport.

With the summer of tennis in Australia only weeks away, it will be fascinating to see how Aussie crowds treat Kyrgios. I sincerely hope he is treated with the respect he deserves. By that I mean that if he disrespects the crowd, umpires, opponent or his box, that the crowd have every right to vent their opinions accordingly.

Kyrgios claims to not enjoy playing tennis. Well, you know what buddy, that is great. Quit the game and allow those who want to play tennis and promote the game come to the surface. The sport deserves better than that.

“I don’t really like the sport of tennis that much. I don’t love it. It was crazy when I was 14. I was all for basketball and I made the decision to play tennis. I got pushed by my parents and to this day I can still say I don’t love the sport. It is just crazy how things go.”

– Nick Kyrgios in June 2015.

Kyrgios still has time to turn things around. However that will only be achived through harsh action from those in charge of the game and more simply through a change of attitude, but the clock is rapidly ticking. Australians love a winner and Kyrgios could very well be one of those. His behaviour though has to change soon. He has perhaps one more slender chance of winning over the public and the tennis world or it is game set match for the Canberra product.

Picture – The Australian



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