Summer Scoop – Week 3

The Summer Scoop has moved to a Monday time slot. It was a big weekend of footy across both codes, cricket is here and the new National Netball League is still not quite right.

Quote of the week 

“If they don’t win next year, they have failed”

– Former netball player and now commentator Sue Gaudion on what Collingwood are likely to do in the first year of the new National Netball League. A scary prospect on so many levels.

Tweet of the week

There will never be another Dennis. A perfect send off in a history making AFL Grand Final. I still will not be surprised to see him at Fox Footy in a Sandy Roberts type role based in Perth.

The hero 

I am not a huge Luke Beveridge fan, but his gesture to give Bob Murphy his premiership medal will go down in Australian sporting history as one of the best moments. All class.

The villain

Sydney. Saturday’s Grand Final was left to too few. You do not win Grand Finals with statistics like this. I think Adelaide has actually got the better end of the deal in losing Kurt Tippett. On the field anyway. In all honesty, what has he done for the Swans?

The prediction

Travis Head might not be in Big Bash calculations for the Adelaide Strikers this season. Fair chance he will be required at international level for the Aussies.

Crow Call Summer 

Will Scott Thompson get a contract this week? Jarryd Lyons? Ricky Henderson? Mitch Grigg?

Who is the big fish Adelaide are chasing?

A sixth place finish means a relatively tough draw again in 2017 for the Crows. What does that look like?

How does David Noble get replaced?

All questions that need answers in the next month. Watch this space. Who said the season was finished?! It has only just begun.

The Scoop 

I hope that Hickinbotham Oval, Prospect Oval, Gliderol Stadium and Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval have all put requests in to host NAB Challenge games in 2017. All could benefit from the upgrade to facilities and the exposure and excitement this could create.

Turn it up

Social media was flooded on Saturday with pictures of ‘celebrities’ and I use that term loosely turning up to the AFL Grand Final. We all know that they are really there because they got free tickets and could not care less about footy. Kick out the corporates and open the Grand Final up the fans first and foremost. We are the ones who make the game after all.

Extra scoop 

Any chance Fox Sports could bring back Summer 360 with Gerard Whateley and Robert Craddock over the Summer months? We need a 360 fix again before March surely!?

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Picture – The Age


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