Summer Scoop – Week 2

Daylight saving is upon us. It is NRL and AFL Grand Final week and there are plenty of items to discuss!

Quote of the week –

“Sampras would’ve made it”

– Gillon McLachlan’s cheeky text message to ensure a jet lagged Andre Agassi made it to Friday night’s Preliminary Final between the Cats and the Swans.

Tweet of the week –

The hero 

Sturt Football Club. A club on its knees a couple of years ago. Sturt put the right people in the right positions and what do you know, they’ve won the flag! The only downside is that Marty Mattner may not be at the Double Blues long. He comes across really impressively in the media and by all reports he has changed the entire outlook of that club.

The villain

The AFL Footy Show wraps another controversial season tonight. Does it still have a place on the AFL scene? I do not think so. It is run down, old and just damn boring. I think I’ve watched five minutes in total this year. Time to move on.

The prediction

We’ll be hearing more and more of Kane Cornes in 2017. Expect him to ramp up his Fox Sports commitments and have an increased role at FiveAA through CrocMedia. Fair chance he’ll replace Dyson Heppell at the AFL360 desk.

Crow Call Summer 

A quiet week on the Crows front. They’ve been linked to Bryce Gibbs. Probably a long shot, but I’d take Gibbs and give up first round draft pick and player for him. Pearce Hanley should be the other gettable one Adelaide target when the trade period officially kicks off.

No contracts as yet for Scott Thompson or  Jarryd Lyons which tells me the Crows have got a big fish in mind. Whether they secure him is the million dollar question.

Any talk the Crows will not be in the SANFL in 2017 is rubbish. If the SANFL decide to restrict the number of AFL listed players that can play per game, Adelaide will be out of there in a flash. A decision like that would defeat the purpose of the reserves team in the first place. It will not happen.

The Scoop 

Will the Adelaide Crows request a game in Sydney next year given that Sydney is the most probable finals location for the next few seasons at least? They had zero home and away games in the Harbour City in season 2016.

Turn it up

The Eagles Reserves side won 16 of a possible 17 games in 2016. I managed to watch and be at their only minor round loss to South Adelaide in Round 6. On Sunday, the Eagles lost to North Adelaide (who finished fourth) in the Grand Final by 20 points. A game I also happened to be at. Sorry Eagles fans.

Extra scoop 

30,213 is a great SANFL Grand Final crowd. Well, it is great in comparison to what has been happening to crowd numbers over the last few years. If you compare this years finals crowd figure to that of 2015 though, there is not a major difference.

Finals Week 1 – 8,031 (2015), 8,351 (2016)

Finals Week 2 – 9,247 (2015) 9,029 (2016)

Finals Week 3 – 7,218 (2015) 6,645 (2016)

Finals Week 4 – 25,625 (2015), 30,213 (2016)

Perhaps all ain’t broke, but the SANFL needs to take on board at least some of these recommendations if it wants to regain some more ground and win back fans next year.

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