The AFL Grand Final entertainment really Stings.

The AFL have no issue wasting time and money on shot clocks, bye weeks and themed rounds, but on elements that could add to the spectacle of the biggest day of the year, there seems to be a severe lack of spending and some odd decision-making.

The AFL Grand Final is the biggest day on the footy calendar. So how come year after year fans are treated to the worst in entertainment on the day?  Don’t believe me? Below is the acts that have performed on Grand Final day over the last five years. Most are hardly household names or big game performers.

2012 – The Temper Trap, Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers

2013 – Hunters and Collectors, Birds of Tokyo

2014 – Ed Sheeran, Tom Jones

2015 – Chris Isaak, Ellie Goulding, Bryan Adams

2016 – Sting, Vance Joy, The Living End

Now don’t get me wrong, some of these artists are brilliant performers. Many (perhaps not Tom Jones) feature in my own music collection. Everybody has different tastes and I am sure there is at least one person out there who likes Chris Isaak.

My issue here is that they just are not the appropriate genre for a game of footy.

I mean Sting’s ‘Every Breath You Take’ and Vance Joy’s ‘Riptide’ are not exactly motivational, get you in the zone kind of songs are they?

Doesn’t ‘Riptide’ feature in a health insurance ad on television?  At least The Living End are a bit more up and about.

You need to also get people who are relevant. Meat Loaf anyone? Not washed up artists, who are clearly in the twilight of their careers. It looks tacky and makes the AFL a great destination for artists ready to hit the elderly years of life.

When the AFL Grand Final eventually moves into a twilight or night-time slot (it will happen in the next few years), the entertainment has to match the atmosphere. Otherwise you might as well play the game at 10am and not bother with the entertainment at all.

Ellie Goulding can sing, but her special effects, microphone levels and performance last year was a disaster for all involved. Just get it right. It is not that hard. This is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Spend a little bit more money getting a Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Five Seconds of Summer, Justin Timberlake. Heck even Miley Cyrus could do a better crowd rev up than Tom Jones. How about a Coldplay or Muse or 30 Seconds to Mars?

I agree that there should always be some sort of Australian flavour, but bands like The Temper Trap, Birds of Tokyo and Shepherd are support acts at best. They are not headline acts at this stage of their careers.

Yes all big name performers will cost money, but the positive experience and world-wide exposure that having some of these artists would provide for the game would pay off in droves. Sometimes in life you have to spend money to make money.

Some people only tune in to the Super Bowl in the US purely for the music element of it. Imagine if we could get to AFL entertainment to a similar level.

Why can it not be done? I don’t see any really good valid reasons. Have bands wanting to play here. Lining up to get the gig. Obtain acts who want to promote big albums and who want to ace the big stage. It’s not like their is a shortage of them.

It might not happen straight away, but it very well could occur over time if it is done right. With a change of time for the Grand Final only a year or two away, now is the perfect oppurtnuity to execute such a plan and take the national game to the world.

AFL Grand Final Day is great. Let’s make it greatness and take it to the world.


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