Wednesday Whinge – Let the Finals begin.

This weekend is the first weekend of Spring. The days are getting longer, the pollen count is high and footy finals begin!

Wait. No they don’t…

In yet another disastrous decision made by AFL House in 2016, there will be no AFL footy this weekend.

Instead we will be left with watching a bunch of old men on Friday Night Footy run around and make fools of themselves. And then on Saturday night, we will be left with a women’s game featuring a whole lot of girls playing for two clubs they no longer actually play for…

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Or if you are really keen, Fox Footy are counting down the top 100 moments of season 2016. Seriously. That is happening. 100 moments. No need to pass the sleeping tablets, the content this weekend will take care of that problem.

What an absolute joke. It is September. We want finals football. All this does is force people into mowing the lawns or doing some gardening. Those are clearly October jobs!

You also now have a situation where the winners of both qualifying finals would have played two games in a month. You cannot tell me that is an advantage.

You’d be dirty if you finished top four. Everyone will be fresh going into the first week of finals now. There is no advantage in that either.

The AFL wants clubs to hold open days and put their players out for the media to do interview after interview. This isn’t some long episode of Michael Parkinson. This is AFL football. Fans don’t want that. Clubs certainly don’t want that. Good luck to all the media managers this week.

After six weeks of very mediocre football, supporters are ready for some decent games of footy. We have the closest top eight in years. 2016 is a year where almost anyone could win the competition on their day.

We have Hawthorn aiming to win four flags in a row. Adelaide trying to overcome two years of adversity to do the unthinkable and there is two Sydney clubs vying for a flag. This is the AFL’s dream!

All the ingredients for a fantastic finals series are in place and ready to go. Week one sees a game in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

Why are we delaying it?  The AFL season is already too long. Another week is most unnecessary.

The very least the AFL could have done was have ALL the major awards this week. The Brownlow Medal, All Australian, Rising Star, Coaches Awards. At least that would have created some content and discussion.

The media will need something to talk about, so watch as they search for news and when they cannot find it, create something irrational and unnecessary.

The moto for this years finals series is ‘It’s the finals effect.’ Well this week is certainly not helping me feel anything but boredom and anger that there is no footy to watch. I’m not sure that is the sort of ‘effect’ the AFL were after.

I hope this weekend is an absolute failure for the AFL so we never see it again.

Let the finals begin!


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