My Take – Eddie Betts Incident

Call it what you want. The banana throwing directed at Eddie Betts last night was wrong on every single level. Every. Single. Level.

In his 250th match, where he was probably best on ground, this is such a sad incident that has made me so upset and angry as a footy fan.

The fact is that when you look on Twitter and Facebook this morning, some of the comments trying to defend the behaviour of the woman who threw the banana is worrying. As a society we have to be better than that. Those trying to defend are nothing more than ignorant souls who have no feel for footy or being a human being in general.

Putting aside the fact that throwing anything is clearly dangerous and just a dumb thing to do, there is a lot more to it than that. It is a crime. What if it had hit him? What if it had hurt him? Physically or emotionally.

Why this woman had a banana at a game of footy anyway is strange and the fact that she had not eaten it by three quarter time is even stranger, which makes claims of it being a racist attack fair.

Google the history of racism and bananas and you’ll clearly see why this is not appropriate.

The woman is clearly a Port Adelaide supporter, but ultimately it doesn’t matter who she barracks for. What I will say though is that Port have been a leader on indigenous inclusion in the game since their foundation in 1997. It seems strange for someone who supports the club to partake in something like this. Clearly she isn’t a real supporter of Port Adelaide or footy in general.

She deserves nothing short of a life ban and has tarnished what was a pretty decent game of footy. This will dominate the headlines in the coming week, which leading into an exciting finals series is again very sad.

We have to be better than this. Eddie Betts, footy and society deserve so much better.


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