Crow Call – Round 22

Ins – Jacobs

Outs – O’Brien

Another week. Another big win for Adelaide over the weekend. That all played well flag was up again and when that happens four points generally follows.

I made the trip over to Domain Stadium and boy does Perth need that new stadium pretty quickly. Domain is what AAMI looked like prior to departure. Ordinary.

Back to the footy and it was good to see players like Richard Douglas and David Mackay get a bit of the ball and use it pretty well. Brad Crouch looked like a man who knew where his pay packet was coming from for the next few years and Josh Jenkins and Eddie Betts went goal for goal in the Crows leading goal kicker competition.

The only worry for mine from the weekend was the leaking of goals to small forwards. The losses to the Western Bulldogs, Hawthorn and Geelong were all aided by the opposition getting their small forward out the back and kicking goals. Think Jake Stringer, Paul Puopolo and Daniel Menzel. That is a little bit of a concern heading into finals. Michael Walters did that with five goals on Sunday.

Showdown bragging rights are back on the line this weekend. Adelaide simply have to win. Port are shot, but a Showdown is always a fifty-fifty game and no doubt early, Port will bring pressure and intensity. No Chad Wingard, Hamish Hartlett or Charlie Dixon will hurt, but Adelaide need to inflict more pain like they did in Round 2. Can you believe that game was 20 weeks ago?

The Crows have never won two matches in Perth in the same year. They ticked that one off last week. Very rarely does a team win two Showdowns in the one year either. Adelaide have to tick that box on Saturday night as well.

The Crows can still finish out of the top four, which history shows makes it near impossible to win a flag from. They cannot afford any drop offs in the last two games.

Reilly O’Brien did his job and played very well over his two week stint in the side. His role now is to simply go back to the SANFL and keep in good form for if he is required. Great to see Sam Jacobs back. Two weeks off would have done him a world of good.

Port Adelaide’s crowds have really dropped off as their form has this year. Something about a bandwagon I think. It will be interesting to see the crowd number for this game given it is a Port home game. There won’t be any records broken that’s for sure.

Crows need to win and win solidly. And really, they should.

Adelaide by 33 points.


At SANFL level the Crows are also finals bound for the first time since they have entered the competition. I don’t think they will win it and there are all sorts of rules about who can and can’t play in the finals, but it will good to be able to have a couple of chances in September across two competitions.

This week the SANFL moves to Berri in the Riverland for a game against West Adelaide. That too should be a win. West have had an attrocious year, but losing Jono Beech to Adelaide hasn’t helped their cause. He was solid last week, very solid. Beech has been taken off the rookie list now and named as an emergency this week. Could he be a possible late change?

Cam Ellis-Yolmen must return for some game time this week.The good news is that the game is on Sunday so no one should need to be held back.

Sam Shaw missed again last week with ‘concussion related symptoms’ and you have to wonder whether he will ever get back. We won’t see him again this year. Terrible news for him and the club.

Crows by 39 points.


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