Wednesday Whinge – An open letter to the AFL ahead of season 2017

It is about this time every year that the AFL begin to plan for next season and ask the eighteen clubs what they would like to see going forward.

So here at liamthompson1 HQ, I’ve created my own wish list as to how I’d like the game to look in 2017 – Take a read and feel free to add your own thoughts on Twitter @liamthompson1.

Dear AFL,

Please consider the following amendments ahead of the 2017 season:

No AFL on Saturdays Afternoons

Back to the SANFL and grassroots footy we go. And so we should. Given the right support, it can be a great competition. At the moment it is dying and the WAFL and VFL need reinvigorating too.

Michaelangelo Rucci put it on the agenda and it has merit. It would require some quirky changes to the draw such as more Thursday night footy, double Friday night games and games played at the same time, but I’m not sure any of those are a big deal.

Thursday Nights here to stay

Thursday night footy should be a weekly thing at the start of the season and then again at the end of the season. Just not in a six week block during June and July where the weather is atrocious and fans won’t attend.

Draw reform

The last month of footy will be terrible. The eight is locked. The bottom ten have sent the troops in for surgery. Farcical really. Not a huge fan of it, but we must go to a conference system where the ladder gets split into three segments after each team has faced each other once. This reduces tanking and keeps all games relevant for the entire season. A fight for top spot, a fight for the eight and a fight for a draft pick.

It is not perfect, but far fairer and exciting than what we currently are dealing with.

Cheaper food and cheaper tickets

I don’t want a second mortgage. Chips and a pie need to come in under 8 bucks. Simple as that. Until then, I’ll be taking a stand and packing a home made sandwich.

$75.00 it will cost me to head to next weeks Showdown. Thats ridiculous. Someone is having a laugh aren’t they? The Big Bash League needs to be commended for the cheap price of admission. The AFL will find crowds around the nation will rise if people can actually afford to go. It isn’t rocket science.

SANFL draw reform

The idiots who continue to program games featuring the Port Magpies or Adelaide at the same time as the AFL affiliates need to be sacked. You’re destroying supporter bases. Hopefully a move to Saturday afternoon only SANFL footy will help this. Plus less byes. Teams do not need six weeks off during the year. Please.

A twilight Grand Final

Remove the old fogeys at AFL house who think that in 2017 we should still be playing the AFL Grand Final in the afternoon. Watch the Super Bowl and how awesome the entertainment and the spectacle look and the argument is over.

A Good Friday blockbuster 

Bring it to Adelaide Oval. Why should every blockbuster be in Melbourne? It is time the AFL realised it is a national game and presented an interstate club with a game they can own forever. Adelaide are keen. Make it happen.


Tough love is the only answer for a club that has itself to blame for every one of its problems. You don’t go from powerhouse to minnow in the space of a decade without making mistakes. They do not deserve a priority pick, they deserve ridicule and to be sent someone at a managerial level who can show them them way forward. And no that person is not Leigh Matthews.


No talk of the 2012 drug saga. A verdict is expected from Switzerland shorty. I think. Oh who are we kidding. Who would know what is going on there anymore. From January 1, it is  to be tucked away never to be spoken about again.

The Stars

Gary Ablett Jr and Nathan Fyfe have been injury riddled in recent years. The game needs them on the park. Let’s hope they get 22 solid games in 2017.

Leave the rules alone

Stop changing the rules and interpretations. Some clarity on the deliberate behind and holding the ball interrelations is required, but as a whole the game has opened up and has been more attractive in 2016. So let’s leave it alone this year and let it be.

Make umpires full time

This has been the worst ever year of umpiring ever. It hasn’t helped that nobody knows how to interpret the rules. Allow the umpires time to do this with the current rules and let’s see what happens.

Say goodbye to the three week byes

I don’t care if you need two byes during the season. However do not do them in blocks of three weeks of six games. Stems momentum and creates frustration and unfairness.

Thanks Gill and team. That is all.

Kind Regards,

liamthompson1 HQ

So there you have it. I haven’t asked for much have I? Give me your thoughts.



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