Crow Call – Round 20

Ins – O’Brien, Ellis-Yolmen, Walker

Outs – Jacobs, Thompson, McGovern

Alright – I am over it. Just. The Crows last five minutes against Essendon on Sunday night cost them a place in the top four and I was livid. But they still won by 82 points and now have a chance against the Lions to do something similar. Footy is a funny game isn’t it?

Actually – they have to do something similar. History shows that it is near impossible to finish outside the top four and win the premiership under the current finals system. That is why a top four finish for the Adelaide Football Club is vital. They must finish off the Lions well on Saturday night.

Brisbane were ordinary last week. So much so that they made John Butcher look reasonable. That takes some doing.

Big Riley O’Brien makes his debut this week. No Sam Jacobs, but given he is only likely to miss the one or two weeks, I think we can all breathe a massive sigh of relief. Watching him go down happened in slow motion really. He is one the Crows can’t lose for an extended period you feel.

I don’t like resting players – but in Scott Thompson’s case, given the player he is, one can only assume he really needs a rest. He wouldn’t rest if he didn’t have to. Cam Ellis-Yolmen finally gets a gig after playing a Magarey Medal contention year at SANFL level. He adds something different, so I think his inclusion is good for the team this week.

Taylor Walker is back. I’ve been critical of Mitch McGovern in recent weeks, but he stood up last weekend. His marking is brilliant and it was good to see him kicking accurately as well. He’ll be better for the rest over the weekend too. The same could be said of Charlie Cameron who also was pretty accurate on Sunday night. Then there is Eddie Betts who’s miraculous things are no longer miraculous because he does them every week!

Paul Seedsman and Ricky Henderson are fighting over who is Adelaide’s 22nd player at the moment. Seedsman kicked a couple of great goals on the weekend, but he didn’t do much else. He just isn’t clean enough with the ball in hand. No room for Henderson again this week.

Luke Brown is the other one who hasn’t been at his best since his return to the side a couple of weeks ago. Is he still nursing some sort of injury? He just doesn’t look right to me and has made a few uncharacteristic errors.

Brad Crouch is back in some good form, but he too needs to be better with his possession. My gut feel is that Brad Crouch will stay, but a lot could depend on how Adelaide finish off the year.  He bombed away a few times on Sunday, but that situation wasn’t helped by the lack of a tall in the forward line with Walker missing and Jenkins in the ruck.

All in all – this week, it would be good to see some cleaner ball. Less handball movement and a little more kicking directly into the forward line. Adelaide has one of the most dangerous forward lines in the game, get the ball in there and there is a fair chance of a score.

It should be and has to be a mauling come Saturday night.

Adelaide by 70 points.

In the SANFL, the Crows responded from a disappointing few weeks to play a really solid game against the Port Magpies. Sam Shaw, Troy Menzel and Luke Lowden all made successful returns from injuries which was pleasing.

It is a shame to see big Keenan Ramsey go down with an ankle. He has been in some good form in recent times. I am still not convinced that he and Taylor Walker are not the same person given they play similar positions, look the same and now both have ankle injuries. Thoughts?

The SANFL side faces a bye this weekend. I think this is bye number 27 for the season now. As previously mentioned, the SANFL must get their draw right in 2017. It has hurt the game this year. To the point that Crows SANFL coach Heath Younie left the game before it had finished on Sunday to head to the Adelaide Oval. Why you would schedule a SANFL Showdown to cross over with an Adelaide AFL game is beyond me. In fact it is absolute lunacy. We’ve got to be better than that. Fans deserve better.

Those people critisising Younie leaving are such hypocrits. Are these the same drongos who abuse me every week at the SANFL games for supporting the Crows. Probably. Grow up. I also love it when certain Adelaide journalists feel the need to comment despite not watching a SANFL game all year. Funny isn’t it?

On a better note, well done Adelaide fans. 44,000 on a dreary Sunday evening with Adelaide playing the worst team in the league. That is an awesome effort. Let’s hope it doesn’t set a precedent though for more of those terribly scheduled games come 2017.




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