Crow Call – Round 19

Ins – Mackay, Seedsman, O’Brien, Wigg, Milera

Outs – Walker, Henderson

Was it the loss they had to have? A wake up call that needed to be done? Or was it just purely sloppy footy? The answer is probably somewhere in between. But it wasn’t pretty.
Too many of Adelaide’s key players were down on the weekend. Taylor Walker, Eddie Betts, Rory Sloane and even Josh Jenkins who kicked three goals but didn’t do much else.

It was hard to work out if Geelong are that good, Adelaide were really down or a mixture of the two.

What was most disappointing was the fact that Adelaide’s game plan was clearly not working against the Cats, but there was no obvious plan B. If there isn’t a plan B, you can kiss any hope of finals success goodbye in 2016.

Mitch McGovern barely touched it and had Walker not been ruled out this weekend, it may be time for him to have a spell. Wayne Milera should again be given a chance at AFL level. His SANFL form has been solid.

Ricky Henderson loses his place most probably to Mackay or Seedsman. I said it last week, but Henderson just isn’t up to scratch. They’re saying Achilles but he wouldn’t have got a game regardless. He has to do more.

Charlie Cameron tried hard, but has to clean up his goal kicking. As a small forward he should be kicking set shots from 30m out. Too often he misses.

Had Daniel Talia not come up, Jake Kelly is probably the next in. Adelaide cannot afford to lose Talia though. If he went down, it would probably end premiership hopes. The back line needs him.

As for Walker, well there isn’t too many options there. Harry Dear and Paul Hunter aren’t ready for AFL footy just yet. Troy Menzel has missed three weeks with concussion and couldn’t be considered.

Wayne Milera does indeed come in and the side is restructured accordingly which I think is the right move.

The weekend showed that one or two injuries to a side can change a season. That’s why it’s vitally important to have that depth in the SANFL.

This week Adelaide play Essendon. Needless to say it’s must win. Adelaide will start favourite in the rest of their games. If they can win them all, fair chance that they will still finish second or third. Drop one or two and the Crows could still finish eighth.

It is going to be an insane finish to the year with six teams on twelve wins. Hawthorn will finish top but 2-8 are anyone’s guess.

The Crows need to put the Dons away and put them away well. Percentage is vitally important given the log jam on the ladder. They need a convincing four quarter win. Hasn’t been one for a while.

The disappointment of last week and the home ground advantage should ensure this occurs.

Adelaide by 65 points.

In the SANFL, premiership hopes the Eagles were too good for Adelaide last weekend. Along with Sturt, they’re going to take some stopping as the race for SANFL glory heats up.

Dear again showed some promise and Harrison Wigg and Mitch Grigg ensured their names remain in the selection mix. Riley O’Brien is playing reassuring footy, which means Sam Jacobs has now got some serious backup up if need be.

The SANFL Crows play the Port Magpies at Alberton on Sunday. Why the SANFL continually play Crows SANFL games on the same day as the AFL games is beyond me. You completely destroy the your market.

Nonetheless this one is fifty-fifty. Menzel and Luke Lowden return to boost the side. Sam Shaw also returns. Fantastic news for Shaw who has missed weeks and weeks with that nasty concussion injury. That one is a big relief.

The Magpies have got some AFL talent back in recent weeks and they’ve still got some slim hope of playing finals. The Crows need to win to keep themselves in the five. A close game beckons.

It is all on the line at Alberton on Sunday.

Magpies by 13 points.


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