IOC – You are a disgrace.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision to not ban all Russian athletes from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games is disgraceful.

It is soft and smells of fear of offending and putting Russia offside. If the Olympic Games are to be relevant down the track (pardon the pun), a hard line approach needed to be taken now.

The outcome sets a worrying precedent for further systematic doping regimens and how they can be punished.

This was the perfect opportunity to send a message to everyone who is cheating that if you’re caught, there will be consequences. This systematic dishonesty has to be culled and culled on a no loophole scale.

Any Russian athlete with a prior drug conviction cannot compete. A great start, but this is simply the IOC trying to prove that they’re doing something. It simply doesn’t go far enough.

The argument that innocent athletes would have suffered is barbaric. It was the perfect time to inflict some short term pain on a few for the relevance and survival of the future of the Olympic Games for others.

Besides which, every Russian athlete who wins a medal is going to be treated with the suspicion that they have been cheating anyway. Every time that Russian national anthem is heard in Rio, a bit more credibility of the Games goes down the toilet.

In an even bigger farce, the IOC has handed the decision making of whether an athlete should compete to the relevant federation bodies of each sport. What a farce. It is the IOC’s job to decide who can and cannot compete at the Olympics. The classic, I’ll make it your problem manoeuvre.

This decision is disappointing for sports fans worldwide, for fellow athletes and will leave a nasty stain on the Olympic Games, not only in Rio, but for future Games to come.


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