Crow Call – Round 17

Ins –

Outs –

The Verdict –

Eleven wins. Seven games to go. How will this end?

The Crows haven’t been overly convincing in their last two outings, but they’ve managed to win, increase a bit of percentage and escape without too many cuts and bruises on the road. That’s all that was required really and the sign of a solid team.

It was pleasing that some other results went the right way over the weekend. While this happening should never be relied upon, you’ve got to capitalise on it when it does. Adelaide did that on the weekend. So often, it feels like the Crows have been on the other end of that equation.

To the game on the weekend and isn’t there something nice about big Sam Jacobs bobbing up and kicking 3 goals. The lid was well and truly off of the sauce bottle on Sunday afternoon.He’ll need to take that form into Saturday night’s game against Collingwood when he comes up against the Magpies talls. They’re unpredictable and are generally really good or downright terrible.

Career best games for Daniel Talia, Rory Laird and Jake Lever. Great. But it would be good to see the ball back there a little less often. Carlton still had a few too many inside 50’s and while they didn’t capitalise, a better team may have.

This weekend we celebrate Scott Thompson’s 300th game. A awesome milestone. It’s only the fifth time it has been done in the history of the club. He’s been a servant, barely missed a game and given his Port Magpie roots, has put that behind him to become one of Adelaide’s best ever players.

I standby my thoughts that this should be Thompson’s last season though. He has still played some great footy this year, but at times has looked a bit slow and struggled to impact on games. There is a ready made replacement in Matt Crouch ready to go. The time is nearing.

Collingwood are probably the most unpredictable team in season 2016. Much like their key forward himself Travis Cloke, you just don’t know what you’ll get when the Pies come to town. A bit of a worry really.

Ricky Henderson out. Paul Seedsman in. That is how I would have played things but not to be. Henderson just doesn’t do enough accurately to warrant a place at the moment. His SANFL form has been good, but his ball use just isn’t AFL standard for mine. He gets a chunk of it, but usage is an issue. Seedsman could probably have a similar mark against his name, but feel he is slightly ahead of Henderson at the moment.

Hopefully Brad Crouch can keep building towards a good end to the year. Got amongst the goals (albeit a freakish one) on Sunday. If he was Bob the Builder, he has laid the slab, put up the foundations and ready to bring it all together.

There has been some criticism of Josh Jenkins attack on the ball and failure to break a pack. Not sure that is his role. The Melbourne media have to talk about Adelaide now and that is all they seem to be able to come up with. Jenkins will sign next week. One down, Crouch and Lyons to go. Sew them up Adelaide Football Club.

If anyone needs to take some more contested makers, it is skipper Taylor Walker. He seems to hold back from the contest at times. Go in there and clunk the mark and kick the goal.

Strong performance by the SANFL team over the weekend which was pleasing. Decent crowd in at Thebarton Oval too. It will be interesting to see if Thebarton becomes a more permanent arrangement in 2017.

An even spread from Seedsman, Wayne Milera and Harrison Wigg. Stand out and potential break out game too from Keenan Ramsey who kicked key goals at pivotal moments. Harry Dear picked up from where he left off the week before with a couple of goals and marks.

Sam Shaw will seemingly play in the next week or two. After the concussion issues he has had, that couldn’t be better news.

In summary, it is all pretty routine. Every game is a must win. Simple really. In order to secure that finals birth and then think about a home final, this game simply has to be won.

A big milestone game for the club. A massive crowd and gigantic repercussions win, lose or draw.

Adelaide by 23 points.


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