Crow Call – Round 16

Ins – Kelly, Milera, Henderson, Seedsman

Outs – Brown

The Verdict –

Get the job done. It wasn’t always pretty but the job was indeed done against the Demons both literally and figuratively last Sunday.

There is some huge potential ahead if Adelaide can do one key thing. Keep on winning. It is vital the Crows beat the teams they’re clearly better than continuing with Carlton this week.

One dropped game could be the difference between top two, top four or even a home final at all.

The all played well flag could not go up last week. Although in patches everyone seemed to do their part at one point or another.

Great to see Brad Crouch beginning to find some form. His brother keeps doing his bit where required too. The Rory’s keep doing their thing too. The Laird variety is one of the AFL’s most courageous players. Some of his marks in recent weeks are nothing short of insane.

What was most pleasing about the win over Melbourne was the fact that Adelaide had a down game, yet they still managed to win. That is the sign of a good football team. Look no further than Hawthorn this year who haven’t played particularly well in games, but have still managed to get the four points. It makes a huge difference at the end of the year.

Brown out Seedsman in you’d think. Brown looked hurt in the last quarter last weekend. His omission isn’t a surprise. Stability is good. But it will be tested more at some stage before the end of the year. As mentioned in previous weeks, this is when we’ll find out how far Adelaide can really go.

Any talk of managing players as suggested this week needs to be ignored. Adelaide haven’t even qualified for finals yet and must just beat Carlton this week before worrying about much else.

Is it a concern that some of the replacement players who would need to step up if an injury concern arises haven’t had AFL exposure in season 2016? Yes, probably. But there isn’t much that can be done about that.

The Carlton game is a match that needs to be put away early. Carlton have showed this year what they can do when given a chance. Can’t afford for that to happen.

Last year the Blues almost pulled of a victory against the Crows at the MCG. They’re vastly improved since then so this game won’t be a walkover by any stretch.

At SANFL level, there were much improved performances from the week before. Cam Ellis-Yolmen is probably next in, with the forgotten man Mitch Grigg not too far behind. Remember him!?

A stand out game from Harry Dear with six goals is reassurance that he is on the right development path. Harrison Wigg and Dean Gore found the ball again too after a few quieter weeks.

Adelaide are on track to play SANFL finals for the first time, which is good. A big game against Sturt awaits this weekend at Thebarton Oval. Luke Lowden misses with a hamstring, which is a shame, because he has been in good form. However, Sam Shaw is back on the right path and Curtly Hampton will finally play a game. Great to hear.

Every game is must win now for Adelaide. No lapses, no easy games, just go out and get the four points. Simple as that.

Adelaide by 43 points.

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