Crow Call – Round 15

Ins – Otten, Henderson, Milera

Outs –

The Verdict –

Season 2016 continues to race along at a rapid rate. Round 15. Finals footy is only just around the corner. Hopefully the warmer weather is too! By game time we may even have our sixth Prime Minister in six years, have Nick Xenophon as the Prime Minister or be in a situation where the country is as hung as a lemon on a tree.

So it’s good to know that we can put all that and the worst election campaign of all time behind us with a game of footy. Albeit with a stomach full of polling booth sausages.

Adelaide currently have nine wins and are still not guaranteed finals action. St Kilda showed last week against Geelong what can happen if you take a team a little easily. Adelaide cannot fall into the same trap against Melbourne this week.

I was glad Don Pyke came out in his media conference during the week and said the club was simply looking for win number ten. They cannot and should not look any further than that.

This is a huge danger game for the Crows come Sunday afternoon. Another must win if they have top four aspirations. It never hurts to find form at the MCG either. With a rare two games in a row at the ground, now is a good a time as any to do that.

No changes this week. Another all played well flag and no injuries coming out of last Thursday night’s game against North. Last Thursday. Feels like weeks ago. I mean Britain has quit the EU since Adelaide played last.

On the player front, Brad Crouch just needs to be blooded until the end of the year now. He was a little rusty early last week, but his form improved as the game went on.

The continued improvement of Matt Crouch and Jarryd Lyons from week to week is so good to watch. Lyons comes out of contract at the end of the year. I’d be re-signing him soon.

Rory Sloane is being talked about in the Brownlow markets. I think this is a little premature, but he certainly has taken things to another level this year. As previously mentioned, he just tries at every contest, no matter the consequence. Easily on his way to another club champion win.

Jack Lever and Daniel Talia could be Adelaide’s backline for the next ten years. How reassuring is that. Both in career best form at present. They’re bringing the rest of the backline to their level too, which is really beginning to play dividends. Big Jesse Hogan needs to be shut down this week by the backs.

The ruck battle between Sam Jacobs and Max Gawn will be intriguing to watch. Both have been in reasonable form. Gawn is showing what can happen when a good player is given some injury free space to play.

In fact the whole Melbourne side have played some pretty good footy in parts this year and they will be no pushover. Bernie Vince, Jack Viney, and Nathan Jones all have the potential to heavily influence games. As do Christian Petracca and Thomas Bugg. Their input must be quelled.

Probably for the first time this season, there isn’t really anyone at SANFL level that deserves a game this weekend. They were very ordinary in their 55 point lost to Central District at My Money House Oval last Saturday. They played like a team that has lacked consistent game scheduling. A few players also looked like they’d given up trying to push for a spot at AFL level.That simply isn’t good enough. It only takes one bit of bad luck for a SANFL player to be immediately required at AFL level. A much improved showing against North Adelaide at Prospect is vital this weekend.

Injury worries to Troy Menzel. Although you’d rather concussion than a leg injury I suppose. Although ask Sam Shaw the same question and you might receive a different answer. Nathan van Berlo has hurt his foot and you wonder whether season 2016 could be his last.

Early crow, but who gets the chop at the end of 2016? A topic for future weeks perhaps.

Predicting that Adelaide are due for a down game against the Dees this week. Hope this proves to be wrong. Every team has down games, but the good teams still manage to win them. Are Adelaide that good team the media thinks they are?

The Phil Walsh anniversary factor is an unknown. Might inspire, might flatten, might not make one scrap of difference. The media have made a far bigger deal of it than it needs to be. That we can say.

We’ll learn a lot on the weekend.

I vote Adelaide by 28 points and a returned Turnbull government for those playing at home.


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