Wednesday Whinge – Goal Review

The AFL’s consistently, inconsistent, sometimes connected, sometimes not use of goal line technology is a farce. Are you following? Yeah neither is any AFL fan.

This one has been a gripe of mine from day dot. If you are going to use technology in sport, it has to be for the betterment of the game. It cannot cause more confusion than if it wasn’t there at all. The aim is to remove the howler from the game, not create it.

Let’s touch (pardon the pun) on the major issues when it comes to the use of goal line technology in the AFL. 

Touched in the field of play

If the ball is touched from a mile away, let it go. The camera cannot zoom clearly in that far and all we get is a fuzzy picture of a hand. It’s like watching Australia’s Funniest Home Videos, although not that funny, because it could cost a team a premiership. If the field umpire has made a call one way or another on the field, let it be. Nothing is more frustrating than an umpire calling ‘touched’ and then going up for a review. If there was no score, there wouldn’t have even been a review. Back yourself please!

Touched on the goal line

Surely this isn’t that hard. A quick zoom. Finger bent backwards? Yes? Across the line? Yes? Cool. Goal. Move on. Yet this still seems to create issues. And here is why:

The problem at some grounds is that the technology is not there. That is like saying that we will pay holding the ball at the MCG and Etihad, but not Adelaide Oval or the Gabba. Farcical right? Unless you can uniform the technology, don’t use it at all. It does not allow an even playing field.

The same issue of poor technology causes problems for balls that may or may not have hit the post, padding or anything else in the vicinity. Yes goal umpires, I’m including you.

And while we are at it. Why do some grounds have shot clocks up on the big screen and other grounds do not? Again farcical right? It should be one in all in. I mean, it is a silly gimmick that we don’t need anyway, but if you are doing it at some grounds, you must do it at all.

If we can afford to take players to the United States on end of season trips and pay Meat Loaf the big bucks to perform at a Grand Final, surely, surely there is some money in the kitty to provide every AFL ground state of the art goal line technology. It’s the ‘confirmed goal’ way to go. 

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