Crow Call – Round 11

What a win last week over the Giants! What a goal by Eddie Betts! What a game by Rory Atkins! More of the same in Round 11 please.

Ins – Laird, M Crouch, Mackay

Outs –

The Verdict –

Don’t let the squad fool you. I think there will only be the one change this week.

The Saints await the Crows in the graveyard Sunday Twilight time slot this weekend. I suppose we shouldn’t complain. Round 11 and this is the first Sunday game.

You just can’t predict the Saints. A non-existent injury list, Nick Riewoldt playing very well in about his 3oth season and a new booming forward line featuring Tim Membrey, Paddy McCartin and Josh Bruce. They’ve played some really good footy and they’ve played some really terrible footy. The Crows cannot afford to take them lightly this week. As 2016 has shown, if you are off by just a small percent, that’s four points you can say goodbye to.

Great to see Rory Laird back, if only to restore the three Rory’s in one side balance. I thought he should have come back last week, but as it happens, didn’t make much difference and he got an extra week of training. Win-Win.

VB back to the SANFL is good call (it seems a formality surely), albeit it a sad call. He has been great over the journey, but in his two games (6 touches last week) back did very little to warrant his spot in the side. I’d argue though Ricky Henderson is lucky to hold his place for similar reasons (13 touches last week) and some terrible disposal with the ball.

Others under the pump this week include Paul Seedsman who needs to back himself a little more. Plays like a player who has some talent, but seems to get a little nervous on the big stage. Big game needed from him or a SANFL spell wouldn’t be out of the question. Too many mistakes at crucial times can’t continue to be a trend when he is in the side as an elite ball user.

Richard Douglas too has been unusually sloppy, especially in front of goal. Fix it please! That sort of effort will lose big games.

Lyons is growing week to week and as I mentioned last week, hope he continues to get the game time he deserves. Consistently best at SANFL level, he needs his chance in the AFL now.

Speaking of SANFL, the real intrigue will be at Peter Motley Oval this weekend. Two Crouch boys, Mackay, Ellis-Yolmen, Grigg, Gore, Wigg and even Andy Otten will all be trying to bang down that selection door. Geez it’s good to have options isn’t it?! I wonder how the emergencies will be played this week. I’d play all of them and maybe pull someone in the second half. There has been enough stop start for all players recently.

I hope in the second half of the year both Crouch boys are in the AFL side though. If they are the future, they need as much AFL exposure as they can get right now. SANFL footy isn’t going to help them I’m afraid. Some big calls coming one way or another with this issue you feel. Who goes out you ask? Well, I’ll answer that when I see how they play this weekend.

A must win for Adelaide on Sunday. I’d argue this game is more important than last weeks. Could be the difference between a 9th or 8th place finish come the end of the year. Would be nice to put the game away early and then play a big second half. I don’t think the last quarters fadeouts are a trend, but they sure don’t want them to become one.

Crows by 46 points.

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