Turn it up! 

Adelaide Oval is a world class venue. Don’t get me wrong. I think I’m not alone when I say that over the past two years or so, I’ve enjoyed watching history being made. Great sporting moments that people will never forget. 

Adelaide Crows small forward Eddie Betts has kicked two of the best goals in AFL you’ll ever see there.

Port Adelaide have transformed game day experiences for fans and players alike. I mean if I’m saying it than it must be alright. 

The Oval hosted the first ever day night test match where 123,000 people went through the gate over three days. 
India played Pakistan in a Cricket World Cup blockbuster which was loud. Very loud.

 In more recent times, Adelaide United won their first A-league title there earlier this year.

There is one thing holding Adelaide Oval back though. Watch any event at the ground from the Riverbank Stand and you’ll be able to see it perfectly. Unfortunately, you might not be able to hear it however. The sound system in that stand is absolutely terrible. It has been since day one of the redevelopment. 

I’m no expert, but the speakers are facing the crowd, which appears to project the sound to the back of the stand and the roof, where it rebounds causing a muffled, stifled noise that is impossible to decipher. 

Surely in 2016 where we can have people watching from the roof, this isn’t that hard to fix. Go anywhere else in the ground and the sound system is great. 

The mumble of noise in the Riverbank Stand really detracts from events like the indigenous celebrations prior to the Adelaide, GWS game last weekend. I’m sure it was a great ceremony, but you couldn’t hear anything that was being said from up in that southern grandstand. It robs those up there of the awesome atmosphere the ground has created for itself. 

Ground announcers might as well not be there. They cannot be heard. Period. Neither can music, on-field entertainment or interviews. 

It also raises the issue of safety. What if people have to be evacuated quickly? How would people be able to hear instructions if the sound is so terrible? 

So Adelaide Oval is fantastic, but let’s make the experience just that one bit better for everyone. Fix the sound system. Please. Can anybody hear me?! 

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