Crow Call – Round 10

Your Thursday night wrap of all the selection news at the Adelaide Football Club.

Ins –

Outs –


The Verdict – 

The Crows come up against a fast paced outfit in the Giants this week. The Giants have never won at the Adelaide Oval, but they’ve showed this year that they are in a mood to do things for the first time.

Charlie Cameron might need to have some big midfield minutes on Saturday night to add a bit of pace to the middle of the ground. Wouldn’t mind Mitch McGovern being given a run in there too for some height and agility.

Would have been great to see Matt Crouch back, but as sad as it is to say it, I no longer think you can play him and Scott Thompson in the same side. Maybe you never could. They don’t offer enough point of difference unfortunately.

Brad Crouch is stiff to miss out. The ridiculous, bordering on insane third bye in six weeks for the Crows SANFL team is not helping his cause. The same could be said of Cam Ellis-Yolmen and even Harrison Wigg. The latter will now have his third straight week without footy after being the travelling emergency for the Gold Coast game. Silly. I just feel the midfield needs something different. Ellis Yolmen’s height? Gore’s ability to burst from the middle? Watch this space in the coming weeks.

Having said all that, it is good to see Lyons hold his place. I really hope he cements it now.

I didn’t understand the VB selection last week and I do not agree with it again tonight. He has been a great servant for the club, but what the Crows need right now are pace and elite ball skills. Not traits Van Berlo has.

Speaking of elite ball skills, the run of Seedsman and Smith will be vital this week. If history is anything to go by, the ball will spend a lot of time heading down to the defensive end. Both these players have been off in recent weeks. If they can get it right, that will go a long way in giving the midfield a hand and getting the ball forward.

We can only assume Laird still isn’t fit.  Otherwise why wouldn’t you have in him there for a direct swap with Ricky Henderson?  He trained well didn’t he? Henderson just doesn’t use the ball well enough for mine. Maybe he just needs some more minutes.

The Crows can win this game if the midfield can provide the forward line with enough entries. Sounds simple, but in the losses this year, the entries just haven’t happened enough. Teams have locked it down back after dominating the clearances in the middle. We’ve seen what can happen when the ball does enter Adelaide’s forward 50. It is just a matter of it occurring often enough.

Adelaide has a history of performing well in the newly named Sir Douglas Nicholls Indigenous Round. Who could forget Jared Petrenko’s sealer agains the Roos to steal that famous game in 2013? Eddie Betts’ goal of the year in the 2015 edition of the round is also one, no Crows fan will ever forget. Along with Betts, it will be great to see Milera and Cameron out there on the weekend. Both have the potential to be stars of the future for the footy club.

In summary, I think the Giants will have too much speed for the Crows this week and like the Geelong and Bulldogs games before it, this game will be won in the middle.

Giants by 27 points.


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